Centralized Public Broadcasting System

   CPBS portal is a gateway for broadcasting the messages.

   It has a multi-tier architecture and is secured using Hyper Text Transfer Protocol(http) secure.

   There are three level users that include State, District and Taluk levels.

   Taluk level can broadcast messages to their respective Gram Panchayats (GPs) under their Taluk, District level can broadcast to all GPs under their District and State level can broadcast to all GPs

   Users at State, District and Taluk levels can record and schedule messages including periodicity and tag messages based on criticality. Critical messages will over rule all other normal messages.

   The application can Broadcast from text to speech messages.

   The Audio messages could be scheduled to play during disasters even if the network or power is not available

Hardware Components of CPBS

  The main component of the CPBS is the Network Audio Unit having a single Board computer with client application and client database to store and broadcast the messages.

  The Public address system consists of Amplifier and Speaker horn with Driver units from India's leading manufacturer Ahuja Radios.

  The system will have to work in adverse conditions of power failure and the system is connected to UPS with sufficient battery backup. To save the battery from completely discharging, the system uses power only when a message has to be delivered and this is controlled by CPBS device.

  The horns are installed on a 15 feet pole above building for better geographical reach with a lightning arrester to safeguard the equipments.

  All the equipments are placed at the Grama Panchayat inside a secured metal box.

Features Of CPBS

Execution of CPBS

We have implemented CPBS as Early Warning System EWS at 15 Grama Panchayats of Raichur District on the banks of river Krishna and Tungabadra on behalf of Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Center, Revenue Department, Government of Karnataka, to provide rapid, reliable and effective communication to public of major emergencies and natural disaster.

GPS Locations of Installed CPBS