Why Grama Samvedana

Grama Samvedana is a centralized public broadcasting platform that can broadcast messages from anywhere to a single grama panchayat or multiple panchayats using public address system installed in the panchayat.

Who Can Use Grama Samvedana

   Department - Could broadcast messages about harvesting tips, daily weather conditions and Kisan Sabha's.

   Disaster and Emergency Departments - Could Broadcast early warning of Natural Calamity and safety precautionary messages during disasters like flood,Lightening,Thunderstorm and Landsliding.

   Health Care Department - Health Departments could broadcast messages about health camps, Pandemic safety messages, vaccination camps etc.

   Any type of information from other government sources which need to be conveyed to all the villages or a particular region of village can be done using this system.

Stake Holders of Grama Samvedana

   Government Departments that include Disaster management, Healthcare, Agriculture, Meterological Department, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Education, Electricity, Law and Order.

   Private companies in the area of Agriculture, Healthcare, Horticulture, Animal husbandry and FMCG.

   Corporates who have Manufacturing units in rural areas and who could build a brand for manpower sourcing and training.

   Non Government Organisations working in rural areas.

Government Departments

Disaster Management

The State is prone to different kinds of natural hazards(disasters) such as droughts, floods,cyclones, hailstorms, landslides and earthquakes...[Read More]

More than 50% of population in rural Karnataka is dependent on Agriculture...[Read More]
Health Care Department

Government and NGO's conduct health camps that needs to be communicated regularly to public...[Read More]
Health care Livestock and animal husbandry Law and order educational and skill dept electricity and utilities disaster management agriculture
Electricity and Utilities

Continuous power supply is a major draw back in rural areas and farmers have to plan their work based on power availability...
[Read More]
Educational and Skill Development

Gross Enrolment ratio of children into schools is important for development of villages...[Read More]
Law and Order

Due to the illiteracy most of the people are not aware of their rights and are afraid to go to police station to complain, to address this the police station needs to communicate and alleviate the fear...[Read More]
Livestock and Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry and Veterinary services conduct
camps for livestocks that regularly needs to be
communicated to public....[Read More]